Zuluzula - Mini Projector
Zuluzula - Mini Projector
Zuluzula - Mini Projector
Zuluzula - Mini Projector
Zuluzula - Mini Projector

Zuluzula - Mini Projector

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Zuluzula– Mini Projector | Ultimate Portable Projector for Movie Nights, Parties, Business Presentations, and Netflix & Chill  


  • Home Theater On-the-go
    Turn any flat surface into a jumbo-size 60-inch (diagonally) screen for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy sports, TV shows, movies, concerts, music, and more in King Size. Experience big and immersive entertainment like never before with Zuluzula!
        • Life-like Picture Quality
          600 lumens, 800:1 contrast ratio, 16.7M Colors, and 4:3 screen size create resplendent quality pictures. The next time Rose appeals to Jack, "draw me like one of your french girls," you can witness her glorious beauty in quality that beats reality. Upgrade your date night instantly.
        • Universal Compatibility
          Discover the most versatile portable entertainment system ever made. Zuluzula projects from every one of your devices – DVD player, Android phones, iPhones, laptops, tablets – the list goes on! It also features HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD, & TF card connections.
        • Portable in Every Way
          The 170 gm Zuluzula Mini Projector fits into your pocket and can be carried in your backpack and glove compartment. What's more, you can even power it with a power bank. Watching movies at the picnic? Check. Enjoying a romantic movie under the stars with your girl? Check. 

        Introducing Zuluzula Mini Projector, the home theater, and presentation kit that you can carry wherever you go!

        Zuluzula is a next generation portable projector that definitively levels up your entertainment game. Featuring a built-in speaker and an advanced LED technology that turns any flat surface into an HD screen, Zuluzula makes every occasion more fun, more exciting, and more entertaining. Create an instant home theater system wherever you go with this pocket-sized projector. Movie nights, sports matches, concerts, TV shows – everything is more fun on Zuluzula's large, 60-inch projection. But, we all know what you and your Friends are going to watch on this, don't we!

        Zuluzula is an outstanding presentation tool. You can carry it with you to give brilliant presentations to clients at their locations, wherever they are. Impress them with your savvy presentation and win the day!

        The full-featured projector is designed inside-out to be a highly versatile and easy-to-use device. Use it to project content from any of your many devices, including DVD players (if you still have one of those). It supports a vast array of connections including Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, PC, Xbox and Sony Playstation. All for your convenience.

        Zuluzula– The Future of Entertainment!


        • Bright and Vibrant images: 600 Lumens, accurate colours and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites

        • Compact & Portable: 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and 6oz (12.7 x 8.6 x 4.6 cm and 170gm)

        • Projection Distance: 0.8 - 2 m

        • NeverDieLamp: 30.000 hours of lamp life

        • Built-in-Speaker: Also features a special port to use your own external speaker

        • Works with any device: HDMI, USB, AV cord, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD and TF card connections

        • Outdoor use: Zuluzula can be powered from just a power bank. Perfect for camping, business meeting and travels

        • Harmless LED light: The American Bridgelux LED light is harmless on the eye and has a very small power consumption.

        Your package includes

        • 1x Zuluzula Projector

        • 1x Power Adaptor

        • 1x 3.5mm to RCA AV cable (HDMI cable not included)

        • 1x Remote Control

        • 1x User Manual