Our Team


We, at Zuluzula®, have a clear mission. That Goal is to Provide the best Incense Products and Accessories at the lowest price possible, so that you can spend more time pursuing your passions.

Here, we want to help you keep tabs on the trendiest and most innovative products in the market today. Find the best deals, just the way you want them. Quality items at the best value. No stress, no fuss.

Our awesome team will help you all the way from your initial purchase until it arrives at your doorsteps, as we work 24/7 to bring you amazing finds and great deals that guarantee a bang for your buck. 


Neha Kapoor - Sales and Digital Marketing

Neha has a master’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism and has also completed a few certification courses in digital and user experience. She has nine years' varied experience in marketing, media management, user & customer experience and has worked for some of the most reputed brands both in India and New Zealand.

Neha loves cooking, dancing, travelling and has a keen interest in photography.


Debbi Anderson - Accountant

Debbi joined the Zuluzula® team in October 2015.

Debbi works as part of the wider Zuluzula® accounts team and when she is not crunching numbers, she enjoys exploring and Travelling with friends.


Tracey Johnson - General Manager

Tracey has been with Zuluzula® since 2014 and is the General Manager. She has 22 years’ experience in the Ecommerce Industry; initially as a consultant and then in various management roles. Prior to the Ecommerce Sector, Tracey came from the finance and banking industry. She is passionate about helping people to achieve their goals; both personal and professional. 

Tracey enjoys spending a good portion of her free time with family, friends and her gorgeous two dogs.